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Arthur. J.Wall.

19th. C British Artist and Illustrator.

A very rare example of work by the talented and controversial 19th Century British artist

This watercolour painting executed at about the turn of the century.
[measuring 7 1/2" x 10 1/4 ~ 192mm x 262 mm.] is executed in 'Gouache' on paper laid to card and in immaculate condition. No flaking, paint loss, fading or tears what so ever.



Arthur. J. Wall was born in Peckham, London and moved to Stratford Upon Avon in 1889. he is best known for his graphic representations as a Landscape and Architectural Painter, an Illustrator and Engraver of great talent.
This is a brilliant 'monochromatic' masterpiece in black, white, grey and
beige. For the record: The story goes, Arthur allegedly got himself into
serious hot water with the accolite Author, Marie Corelli 1855-1924
She was highly moralistic and a very successful author in her time, writing
in pretentious prose and notably, was the favourite author of Queen Victoria
who collected her works with gusto! "Poor old Arthur was destined for
trouble for even thinking about taking that bunch on!!!!
It all had something to do with the design of a series of postcards which
Miss Corelli took huge offence to.

Paintings of her: In her garden, Presenting Trophies at the Regatta, In her Gondola on the Avon and in her Carriage. (Touchy subjects eh?) Ultimately, after much screaming and shouting, she calmed down enough to threaten to sue unless they were withdrawn! Which they were. The only known copies we have been able to trace, now with the Archives department of Stratford upon Avon. Arthur.J.Wall, was the artist involved up to his neck 'in the scandall' as she called it.

The Dictionary of British Artists 1880-1940 list A.J.Wall as being from
Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire.

Arthur.J.Wall, Exhibited at the Royal Society of Artists in 1898.

Gouache was a medium, popular particularly with the Italian school of the
19C. and noted for its brightness, clarity and its fastness to light.
Artists could use it either 'impasto' or in translucent layers, building it
up like in a water colour.
Here, in this graphically realistic painting by Arthur Wall, we can see all
of these techniques in use.

We are of the opinion that this picture may well have been designed as an illustration, possibly even for use as a postcard and therefore with some political or satirical connotation. We may never know.
It is signed bottom right A.J.Wall and is offered as is, or in its original



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