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Jacob Bornfriend


{Jakub Bauernfreund} Czechoslovakian / British



Original title: "Kytice" A floral motif.

Oil on board measuring 16 x 20" (400 x 500 mm) approx.
Signed and dated bottom left
J. Bornfriend 62

*Traces of Exhibition label verso the whole of which has since been mislaid, however, the piece is accurately titled according to memory and has been authenticated by the Dorotheum in Prague





Born Zborov 1904 - 1974 London.  Bornfriend left Czechoslovakia for England and changed his name from the Germanic Bauernfreund for personal reasons, at the beginning of the war years.

He Painted in oils, gouache, pastel, collage and worked in the graphic arts and is a
well respected artist within the Jewish Community.
He is cited as being interred in the cemetary at Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, England, by the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain.
Museum Bochum, 18.1.-16.3.1986
Wakefield Museum and Art Gallery.
Leeds Museum and Art Gallery.

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