Conyers Barker, Expert.    
The Horizontal Boy

Ernest 'Conyers' Barker.


CANADIAN  ARTIST - 1909-2003


Last photo Conyers Barker,

An Obituary



Members of Canada's Group of Seven had fondly labeled him as 'the Horizontal Boy'.

This was an honourable yet subtle tribute from such great men and one pointing to a unique talent and individual style to call all his own.

Canadian journalists and historians had argued with me, he had nothing to do with them!

They're wrong. He knew them well.

One example, just to prove apoint, here's a young Conyers on the far right with Joachim Gauthier, Franklin Carmichael, A. J Casson and Tom MacLean in 1932. 

Photo Charles Comfort.

Sketching in Algonquin

Georgian Bay




Conyers worked in all mediums & executed in excess

of 3000 works in his lifetime.



MOTHER EARTH - A large painting That Conyers beleived this was the finest of his lifes works




 Conyers legacy is a lifetimes tapestry of rich images and colour. Of  field and flow and a lesson for us all in human gentleness and spirit. Gentle describes him best.
His sensitively observed works are captivating.

They seize the moment and are in tune to the very whisper of the land and the lure of the wilderness he loved.

 From the vast amber's of the Manitoba prairies to the verdigris vistas of Dominican Republic, Conyers had wandered. Packing pallet and brush, beret and camping stool with a lifelong deference to mother earth in the search to find himself.

He found it.

To him it was 'divine inspiration' and all the answers wrapped up in one, delivered to him in the simple magic of the Florida seas with his beloved Ina by his side.
This pathway to his new born style, lead him back to the Holland Marshes, which he had long troubled over recording until the key was found. With linear structure the king pin, an emotive new vision began.

French River 67

Summer Holland Marsh

Self Portraits


'There would have been no queuing in heaven for Conyers.
For his place in eternity was already reserved, amongst the greatest artists that Canada has ever known.'


"Had I known the man a lifetime, then a lifetime would simply have been too short.
In the time that I did, I could not have wished to know a more gentle man, a more honest man, a less bitter man, for all his trials.

The crippling burden inflicted by polio from infancy, would lay waste any lesser human. Conyers simply waved off his handicap as a mere irritation.

 Latterly came the blindness. A bitter prison to an artist who was always the keen observer of light.

For Conyers, not so.
As if life was not cruel enough, a fight against cancer began.


Award winning  photo, Peter Northcott 

Conyers and Ina

on the Renoir day 2003




 A few weeks ago, I placed in his hands, a small painting by Renoir that I had the pleasure to research for a client.
Conyers clasped it with great reverence, and keeping it an inch away from his nose he gave a characteristic, high pitched
"Oh my!"

Holding up a huge magnifying glass as if to examine the finer points that only an artist can share with another artist, he considered the piece.

After some serious pondering, he proclaimed":











"Renoir Eh!, Mmm

Not much of a

landscape painter

was he!"

That was Conyers.

David. Freeman 5.12. 03.

Above: Preface from the book :

'The Horizontal Boy'
The life and works of Conyers Barker
By David Freeman

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