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* If you have any information about the Duxbury family in relation to claims of the prior ownership presented as the provenance of paintings, ( ie the painting's history and previous ownership details,) formalised with supportive credential from named American appraisers claiming authority and expertise in the verification of the artists presented, then your help is being sought about the true origins of those paintings which have been offered for sale across the world on internet sites.


 These highly questionable works of art and equally questionable testimonials and credentials are supported by official looking paperwork purportedly alleging that the works of art originated from a previous collection of art and paintings collected by a British diplomat called Duxbury. However these questionable Chagall and Picasso paintings are almost certainly forgeries.

The Artists concerned to date: Marc CHAGALL & Pablo PICASSO in the main, but there may be others. ( Henri Matisse et al)

  If you have concerns about the authenticity of any works of art you may have acquired in this manner or if  you have been offered such a work of art either on Ebay, other Internet sale sites or at a localised auction, you are advised to contact us for advisory and professional authentication assistance, contact the auction house or organisation directly for their advise or contact the police in confidence.

They would be very pleased indeed to hear from you


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KEYS Des ( Desi ) Desmond DUXBURY - Seeking information about Duxbury Family provenance supporting paintings claimed to be by Chagall & Picasso. Assist Nassau County District Attorney's Office

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