Eire's Got Treasures

Do you know someone in Ireland who collects unusual things?
Someone with a big collection of something strange, out of the ordinary, or just odd?



We are looking for them for a new Irish TV Documentary because;

“Ireland Collects the Strangest Things!”



 From the most bizarre to the most wonderful, Irish collectors have amassed some of the most astonishing and oddest collections on the planet.

 For them, it’s been a lifetime of accumulating treasures, or what they see as treasure! For the rest of us, well it’s yet to be seen. Eire's Got Treasures

  Worlds Biggest Record Collection






Worlds Biggest Record Collection

We want to know if you know of anyone who collects the most weird and most wonderful, oddities or strange things.





The Luck of the Irish - " Eire's Got Treasures "

Worlds biggest collection of Gnomes


On this Fantastic televisual journey of discovery around Ireland. A tresure filled journey aking us as far afield as from the distant cliffs of Moher, to West Meath, to Dublin, Kilkenny and Cobh. We will meet the Irish hoarders who have assembled the most marvellous and some say, weirdest things. Whatever it is they collect and wherever they may be in Eire, we will find them.

These will be amongst the most curious of collections, each assembled by the most remarkable of collectors. From the most Unusual, Weirdest and Funniest, to the Oddest and most Eccentric stockpiles of ‘stuff’ gathered by some of the most bizarre collectors in Ireland, all with the luck of the Irish.



 Are you an avid Irish collector or know someone who is?

What is it that they or you collect;

Milk bottles, beer bottles, Guiness bottles, videos, annuals. Comics, sport or concert programmes, hats, belts, dresses, ties or shoes? Specific books or examples of works by particular authors? Swords, gourds, cards, spoons pinched from aeroplanes, balloons, guns, or old spectacles. Greetings cards, coins and money or stuff that came free in cereal boxes?
Old License plates, guitars or musical instruments? Vintage Toys, Teddy bears, Dolls and Trolls? Pixies, whiskeys, key rings, discs, keys, locks or socks. Aluminium pull tabs from cans, fans, vans, caftans or jams?
  Nests, vests, insects or crests, feathers, leathers, coins that are weathered? Pens, book marks, marbles, paintings, pencils, biro’s, erasers, rubber bands, or plates on stands? Medals, snow globes, recipes, maps. Lighters, sea shells, stones, pebbles or diamonds? Do not disturb signs, hotel towels, antiques, or furniture? Yoyo’s, pot elephants, broken TV’s, radios, fridges, cars, bikes, stamps, lamps, or pottery tramps?

Or anything just weird?

If you do and live in Ireland (Eire), we want to hear from you.




























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Bottles, Milk bottles, beer bottles, Guiness bottles, videos, condoms, books, authors. Annuals. Comics, sport, concert, programmes, autographs, hats, belts, dresses, ties, shoes?. Swords, gourds, cards, Spoons, aeroplanes, balloons, guns, old, spectacles? License plates, guitars, musical instruments,Toys, Teddy bears, Dolls, Trolls, leprechauns, Pixies, whiskeys, key rings, CD’s, tapes, records, keys, locks, socks. Aluminium pull tabs, rings, cans, fans, vans, caftans, jams, Nests, vests, insects, crests, feathers, leathers, coins, Pens, book marks, marbles, erasers, rubber bands, plates, stands. Medals, snow globes, recipes, maps. Lighters, sea shells, stones, pebbles, diamonds? Do not disturb, signs, hotel towels, antiques, furniture? Yoyo’s, pottery, elephants, broken, TV’s, radios, fridges, cars, tractors, machinery, farm, cycles, bikes, stamps, lamps, pottery, nut crackers, Christmas decorations,

Irish TV seek Irish based Collectors. Strangest, Weirdest and most wonderful collections and hoardsers of treasure. Contact us