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Giovanni Paolo Panini

(Italian) 1692 - 1765

Old master oil on canvas
Manner of Giovanni Paolo Panini (Italian) 1692 - 1765


An unsigned Oil on Canvas measuring: 25 1/2 " x 20 1/2 " approx. we believe is of a later period by a follower of Panini but none the less intriguing and well executed.


Biography / Biographic:

Pannini abandoned the study of architecture for his love of painting, becoming famed for his broad cityscapes, or 'vedute.'

By the year 1716, Giovanni Panini was making both real and imaginary landscape views of Rome's ancient and modern monuments. These proved to be extremely popular with tourists as his 'vedute' were both innovative and unique. They were always picturesque and his boldness, certainty in placement of architecture and elegant figures, working as he did, in clear colours alongside the use of precise draughtsmanship, and he influenced many other artists, of which this unsigned work on canvas, is a fine example

Panini made many commemorative paintings of public events and worked tiny human figures into vast, urban settings. His views of festivals, ceremonies and dignitaries' visits offered lively documents of contemporary events.

In his paintings of ruins (e.g., Roman Ruins, Mus. di Capodimonte, Naples), he combined the landmarks of ancient and Renaissance Rome.

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