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Aurelious Fedor Van Kregten
(1881-1937 (Dutch)

'Eventide' (Cattle Watering.)

Provenance, Messrs. Glerum. Gravenhague

Oil on canvas signed bottom right.

[measuring 16 1/2" x 12 1/2" [320 x 420mm.]


A formidably beautiful and rare Dutch impressionist painting.

Van Kregten was for a time a pupil of Anton Mauve.

Den Haag school



Biographic: :

Johannus Aurelius Richard Fedor van Kregten
(1871-1937 Dutch)

Johannus Aurelius Richard Fedor van Kregten was born in Thieve on the 16th. January 1871 and died in the Hague 8th August 1937.
He was one of the eleven children of Hermannus Jacobus by Kregten a dreyman from Oostzee and Anna Jufina Rienks.

After a short and spasmodic career in the education, self taught as an artist and never able to afford the Academy training of his peers, by 1892, he had decided to dedicate his life to painting.
He felt that membership of an artists association or the training at the academy was not for him though he was hugely inspired by his French counterparts, Mesdag and his hero Anton Mauve on whom he modelled his style.
His first works were inspired and executed in the areas of Drenthe and Overijssel, where he was taken emotionally by the immensity of the heathlands and the atmosphere.
Fedors interest in landscapes was to him paramount and he seldom included people. Yet from his studio in Notter he began to study the anatomy of animals having, of all things, done the obvious and bought himself a cow!
The inclusions of animal subjects was to be his strongpoint from then on, often capturing the very essence of life and light in his articulate and captivating compositions which lead the eye from off the page to the far distant tree lines, in ever new vistas.

Despite living a withdrawn existence, by 1906, he had established himself in self in the Hague, from where he regularly visited his previous residence in Wierden and divided his affairs between painting and art dealing.
Apart from his commissions and his beloved landscapes he also painted several murals in the area. He is one of a rare group of Dutch impressionists most notable for his paintings of animals, principally sheep and cows.

In 1929, he travelled to Spain and Marocco.
In 1968 there was a retrospective exhibition in Thief dedicated to his lives work.

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