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  On the one hand: The writer David Freeman is the executive director of an internationally acclaimed fine art investigation team, and art fraud investigators and a sought after and successful art authenticity investigator. As well as  being an art detective, expert witness and academic. He is an art historian in his own right and an expert in fine art authentication procedures. Work which takes him around the globe and involves him in some of the most complex & often incredible cases.



  On the other hand, as a real life Da Vinci Code art detective, he has real crime and its associated criminal deceptions to draw on when he writes. All from within his complex investigations and fascinating discoveries in the art world.  David Freeman is also a fine writer, journalist and broadcaster, appearing regularly on Canadian television.
  Touring  as  senior fine art appraiser with the Roadshow he is also script and story line consultant  to some incredibly successful TV shows including the BBC's TV crime series 'Hustle' and to the award winning American television series CSI - Crime Scene Investigation, amongst several others.
















David Freeman is responsible for the index of the works Paul Gauguin





 David Freeman lectures widely on the subject of his work in detecting fraud and forgery and his specialist subject Art fraud and forgery.

He appears as guest lecturer to Universities across North America and is a Key Note speaker to conferences around the world.








TV Written & Presented by David Freeman








North America's busiest and best known appraisers,

David Freeman and Marshall Gummer, take a magical 35,000 mile journey of discovery from the Pacific to the Atlantic in search of:














A Television Series "Secret Britain"

A Magical History Tour.

TV Series and Book - Written and Presented by David Freeman



  A brand new TV Series of  "Secret Britain." takes us on a magical journey from the Roman invasion of Britain to the times of the wreckers of Morwenstow. 

We discover Arthur's real castle in the Legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round table & bring a new insight into the role played by Merlin the magician in the Legend of King Arthur.

It's a fine journey full of color and intrigue set amidst the spectacular coastal landscape of Cornwall.





Also written and Presented by David Freeman:

Secret Britain II - TV Series and Book


 Secret Missions set in Deepest Devon - A top secret airbase which didn't exist - The top guns, the Polish cowboys and why the Yanks could fly but nor ride a bike!

A fascinating set of revelations wrapped up neater than a birthday present.

Part II - The History of a Devonshire village so good they named it 14 times.

Freeman takes us on a journey from the Saxons to the black death discovering a swashbuckling hero that saved the day.

We are lured by Dragons in the sky, haunted mine shafts and secret tunnels. Find out why Cider making is still so secret and learn the secret stories of her lost sons and heroes.







The top secret story of RAF Winkleigh by David Freeman




And Secrets From Down Under III

TV Series. Rich in Ozzie Myth and Legend




In his research for the Television series ‘Secret Britain and fascinating book ‘Strictly come Winkleigh,’ the History of the Devon village of Winkleigh and its WW II RAF base, author David Freeman, alias 'David Inch' brings you a rare insight into the stories, the facts and historical trivia surrounding this ancient Devonshire village.

Be prepared to be amused and amazed











Amongst his Latest Works:



‘Strictly come Winkleigh

The definitive History of Winkleigh in Devon

Abridged version here



 Incredible information, fascinating statistics, mainly true but useless historical facts and improbable things that you didn’t really need to know about Winkleigh but always wanted to, that is,  just in case  you ever went on
‘Who wants to be a Millionaire.’ 





Gathering Dust   The Weird and Wonderful Art of Collecting  

By David Freeman



  David Freeman takes a hilarious, sometimes irreverent sideways look at some of the nations strangest collectors, why they collect and the strange things they do collect.


 It's a warm and not so serious view of those accumulating any amount of odd ball  junk around themselves in the name of conservation and preservation.


Antique collecting.....I don't think so!


 Take for example the mortician who collects  artificial pacemakers and the man with 350 fridges in his barn and you get the plot!

 David Freeman's work, Gathering Dust written as a eight part TV series & book, tells the story of some very oddball antique hunting and antique hunters indeed.


What a Card!

The gentle art of Cartophily. The worlds most valuable card and the lady with 50 drawers full

Setting the Pace

The mortician who collects artificial pacemakers!

Coke Law or Folk Law?
But is it the real thing?

An attic full of brand new posters from the 20's

Baby its Cold outside

Clay Podelski is passionate about fridges. So passionate he has over 350 fridges stacked up in his barn and 12,000 empty bottles!

The man who collected everything!

The story of Stan Reynolds incredible collection

A Plangologists guide to the Galaxy.

Nearly 400 dolls and each with a name, a birthday and the Yard Sale Girls who find them

Hemingway - The importance of being Ernest!

Books. How to spot the most expensive books in the world and what they are.


At Odds with Ends.

Huge values and the worlds most valuable. But why oh why?







Other  Writing





Latest Major Novel:   THE OAKUM GATE

The Oakum Gate

The Art Detective is

Looking for Leo.  A Vasari cover up?



Policing Picasso


A look at some of the hundreds of Picasso

fakes uncovered by David Freeman annually.

From Ebay to the UAE and South America,

Freeman keeps on discovering them

When Paths Cross at Fontainebleau

The definitive Biography of the Georget's.

Jean Charles and Eliza Georget

Barbizon Painters of the 19 Century.


A Widows Walk

 Given that it take three to make a meal, the chef, the pot and the fire, it shouldn’t then, be too much of a surprise for you to realise that when it comes to creating & passing off a fake, an equal number is involved.

The Horizontal Boy

The life and works of

influential Canadian

Artist - E Conyers Barker


A Titian a Titian, we all fall down.


Is this the hand of Rembrandt?

Durer - Art by realism

The truth behind Canada’s forgotten Gainsborough


The man who collected everything!

The story of Stan Reynolds' incredible multi million dollar collection of vintage' everything.'


The Paul Kane Mutiny.

The Printing Parson

The Remarkable Reverend William Davy

& the Sinking of HMS Royal George

The Other side of the spoon


The Dark side of the spoon II


The Davinci Factors.

(Written well before you know who! )

The Magic of the Secondary Signatures


The Art Trade

Art as an Investment


High Risk Indexing

Printmaking' Terms & Terminology made easy

Printing in the 19th. Century.

A Definition of Art.

Appraised and Amazed


The importance of being Ernest

Rare books and their astronomical value

At Odds with Ends.

A Plangologists guide to the galaxy

Listening to the wind

Myth or Mystery?

Coke Law or Folk Law

The Ebay Pirates

Artiques - A Buyers Guide

Coast to Coast' with the Roadshow

Captain Beerbellies Mandolin!


Joan Davies Window

Knock- Knock Knocking

The legend of the phoney pony

A History of Fairground Carousel Horses


Focus on the Photographer:

Alice in Blunderland &

Jack and the Beansprout

The Conyers Barker Obituary

A brief History of Stalag Luft VII

History of the Douglas Motorcycle Company


The Story of Captain Gordon Charles Steele VC


Battle of Crysler’s farm









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Papers and Published works by David Freeman :

The George III - American Indian Peace Medal
Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) the Waverley Novels
Cornelius Krieghoff - Canadian Artist. A Biography
Military medals and Orders
Potted by Doulton - Royal Doulton History
Georges Barbier: Art Deco Designer- Ballet Russe
Peter Poppelmann- German sculptor

Toulous Lautrec - Aristade Bruant Poster

George Tinworth - Doulton Potter

The Constable Map of England and Wales

Lawren Harris - Canadian Artist

Frank Moss Bennett -Artist

The Penny Black stamp, is it rare?

The Battle of Ridgeway
History of the Douglas Motorcycle - 1907-1957
Punkin Head the bear!
Charlotte Brontë (1816-55)



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